Engineering better decisions

Bachelor of Applied Science

Honours Management Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Optimization of complex systems and elimination of wastes

Software Engineering

Delivering complex software tools and products that meet user and business needs

Business Management

Using managerial sciences to aid in the design of effective business decisions and achieve goals

Program Description

Management Engineering is a modernized industrial engineering program that was developed in light of the new industrial revolution. This program leverages the big data faced in engineering industries to aid in the problem solving, decision making, and design of complex systems. While software is a big part of this program, strong roots are in the Management Sciences and traditional engineering programs. A list of courses is shown further down this page.

Due to the diverse nature of this program, students are able to work in areas ranging from manufacturing and healthcare to finance and software.



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Notable High School Courses

Awarded and Recognitions

MRI Project Dashboard

MRI Wait Time Reduction:
End-to-End Analytics

With the approximately 33% of MRI patients being seen before their target date, our goal was to raise this success rate to 90%. By using end-to-end analytics and simulation, we created an automated package to recommend a scheduling policy for each hospital based on their history. After sensitivity analysis, we were able to suggest a policy for each hospital that allows them to meet their 90% target.

We have been recognized for this project internationally at the 2017 Houston INFORMS conference as finalists, and have been awarded first place at the CORS conference, Management Engineering Capstone competition, and the Baylis Medical funding competition.

Graduate with Dean's Honours and Distinction

"Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) [...] students graduate on the Dean's Honours List (GDHL) if they have a cumulative average for all blank courses taken in the last six academic terms of at least 80% and have been on the TDHL for at least two of those six terms."

"BASc [...] students who attain a cumulative average of at least 80% in all of the blank courses taken after the student's entry into 3A receive graduation with distinction on the Dean's Honours List."

Work Term Report Award

Award for Excellence in Written Communication

Received award for the top work-term report among management engineering students, based on my submission from my work-term with Rockwell Automation Inc.. The report was written about a project whereby I helped reduce the total defects of the Medium Voltage Drives by 7%. To do so I implemented an advanced torqueing tool to eliminate the loose wire defects in the low-voltage tub wiring department.