About Me

Engineering better decisions

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Our Approach

My Philosophy

People are the key factor that drives companies to grow and succeed. That's why I like to put people and teams at the forefront of every operation. I find it important to know how every action impacts every stakeholder and use that knowledge to ensure everyone wins. This means getting onto the floor and in the office and learning all about the processes and people that make the company tick.

My Hobbies

To start, I'm a huge music guy. I've played in quite a few bands over the years and have even won a Hamilton Music Award with Allotrope. I love to play, write, and record music, but also love the technical aspects, such as audio engineering.

On the other side of the picture, I love trying new things and exploring others' hobbies and interests (though I'm not very adventurous with food). I love console gaming from the classics to the new, but I particularly love role-playing games. I love travelling, hiking, biking, kayaking, camping, snowshoeing and more. Volleyball and snowboarding are my favourite sports, but at the backbone of it all, I love spending time with my girlfriend, family, and friends.

Our Story

My Journey

As a child, I was always tinkering trying to understand how everything worked. According to my parents as young as 3 I knew I wanted to be an engineer. It's this passion for learning and problem solving that drove me to achieve that goal.

Fast forward to high school I was taking all of the courses I could to get me there but also finally got to start taking courses like manufacturing where we learned to use lathes, milling machines, and even how to blacksmith, along with courses like tech design, auto, and aviation manufacturing. I was well on my way to becoming an engineer.

In the present day, I look back and see the struggles it took to get here but also the amazing experiences I've had, things I've learned, and people I've met. I have my Iron Ring now and I am more excited than ever to put it to use as an Engineer.