Manufacturing Engineering

Engineering better decisions

Relevant Education Overview

Manufacturing Engineering is the science of designing, developing, and improving systems and processes that integrate machines, people, and equipment. As a Management Engineer, with its roots in Industrial Engineering, Operations Research, and Management Sciences, I am in a strongly related field. One main difference is the strong integration of business and software, which is used for problem-solving. We use techniques to improve systems such as simulation, data mining, and the design of decision support systems, along with traditional methods such as optimization, statistics, and lean six sigma. I also got my Six Sigma Green Belt certification from the Institute of Industrial Engineers. To see a complete listing of courses and further education details, click the following button.

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Work Experience Overview

I have 20 months of co-op experience in Manufacturing with the other four months in Teaching for a Management Engineering course. During my co-ops, I worked in Operations Quality for a Medium Voltage Starters and Drives business, Mechanical Design for a Gypsum Board Factory Design company, and as a Manufacturing co-op on the Transformation Team for an Aerospace Manufacturing company. With the first and last company, I was often on the floor working with the shop employees to develop solutions and improve processes. At Gyptech I mainly redesigned electro-mechanical machines in Autodesk Inventor and made the respective toleranced drawings. For more details on what my responsibilities and accomplishments were at each company, click on any of the following.

Rockwell Automation Inc.

Popular products of Rockwell Automation's Cambridge-Dundas St. facility.

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Centra Industries Inc.

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Other Qualifications

Along with the wealth of Manufacturing Engineering experience, I also have hands-on steel manufacturing, drafting, automotive repair, aviation manufacturing, and wood-working experience from high school courses. During these courses, I learned how to use machines like lathes and mills, how to design in 2D using AutoCAD and 3D with Solidworks, troubleshoot and repair car issues, manufacture a 1/4 scale Mustang model airplane from sheet steel and wood, and craft products from wood using various saws. I also learned about manufacturing processes and tools from my university course Materials Science and Engineering, and high school courses previously mentioned.


Soft Skills, Project, and Philosophy

I encourage you to look at my Home Page to see more details on my soft skills and project, and also to head over to my About Me page to learn about my work philosophy. Links are provided below for convenience!