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The 7% defect reduction I achieved comes from my Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification, thorough quality course, and manufacturing experience.

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Having worked in manufacturing, with a wealth of knowledge in process improvement, optimization, and simulation, I can improve any plant’s efficiency.

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With a wealth of successful projects under my belt, proven ability to lead teams and projects, and education with business roots, I’m your perfect project manager.

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A brief introduction

Hello! I’m Christian Gould

I’m an awarded Management Engineer with education from the Univeristy of Waterloo and experience in Industrial Engineering, Software Engineering, and Business Management. While school and work have fueled my desire to learn in the past, I am always exploring new technologies, learning something new, or working on some project. Want to know more about me?

About Me

Work Experience

With six 4-month co-ops under my belt in quality, design, and continuous improvement for the manufacturing industry, I have plenty of experience eliminating waste and maximizing value.

Rockwell Automation Inc.

Quality Engineering

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Gyptech Inc.

Mechanical Design Intern
Mechanical Specialist

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Univeristy of Waterloo

Teaching Assistant
Management Engineering

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Centra Industries Inc.

Junior Manufacturing Engineer Co-op

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Top Technical Skills

Skills set the stage for getting the job done right the first time on time. Here’s a set of skills that set me apart from others.

Data Analytics

Lean Six Sigma

Project Management



Mechanical Design

Soft skills I’m known for

Soft skills are the foundation of an employee who can work effectively as an individual, as a team member, and a leader, and I want to show you what I have been known for.


When companies are built on interactions, both written and oral communication are critical to transforming ideas into reality. I have received many awards for my reports, presentations and teaching.


Every team has completely different dynamics and with my flexibility playing different roles, I am able to effectively lead and take direction in a team. Whether it be building a team or working within one, I’m your man.


Effective organization has allowed me to balance multilpe projects and ensure even the smallest details are considered when ensuring all tasks are completed on time and under budget.


My drive has allowed me to always push to learn, engage, and succeed. Despite the struggles and failures I have been able to succeed in my work, my school, and life with numbers and awards to show for it.

Capstone Project

MRI Wait Time Reduction

With the approximately 33% of MRI patients being seen before their target date, our goal was to raise this success rate to 90%. By using end-to-end analytics and simulation, we created an automated package to recommend a scheduling policy for each hospital based on their history. After sensitivity analysis, we were able to suggest a policy for each hospital that allows them to meet their 90% target.


Competing with masters and PhD candidates across the world, we presented in Houston as a finalist

CORS 1st

At the annual conference for the Canadian Operations Research Society, we were awarded 1st place


Competing against the Management Engineering graduate class, we were awarded 1st place


Received funding and guidance after being selected against other engineering capstone groups

Latest Posts, Projects, and News

I’m always learning, developing new skills, or working a project. See below for some updates on what I have been up to!

Artificial Intelligence Course

I enrolled in an Artificial Intelligence course from Udemy! This course covers how to code and optimize AI, with in-depth explanations as to what is coded and why, as well[…]

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IISE Simulation Competition

Brief In a group of three, we competed against school across Canada and the northeastern United States in a simulation competition and were awarded third place. The project focused on[…]

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Statistical Process Control (SPC)

CONCEPT INTRODUCTION With Statistical Process Control, the name of the game is stabilizing a process by correcting special causes and improving it by targetting common causes with process or method[…]

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A website portfolio is great and all, but nothing beats meeting me in person! If you are interested in hiring me or would like to contact me with any questions feel free to contact me using the form below or directly with any of the means below!