University of Waterloo

Engineering better decisions

University of Waterloo

Management Engineering Teaching Assistant, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON
Sep. – Dec. 2014


As a WEEF (Waterloo Engineering Endowment Fund) TA, I worked full-time to support the Management Engineering professor, the first-year students, and the faculty.

• Exercised excellent verbal communication when teaching and tutoring management engineering fundamentals and linear algebra
• Fundamentals include: analytics, forecasting, optimization, simulation, inventory management, report writing, presentation and more
• Awarded for going above and beyond by students and department with Sandford Flemming Award
• Required excellent written communication when creating assignments, tutorial presentations, and feedback
• Used attention to detail and methodical approach when marking papers
• Additionally, held an AutoCAD workshop and spent a great deal of unpaid overtime to help students succeed